Slay ANYWHERE with the Slaycase Pro

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Slay anywhere with the slaycase pro

The Slaycase Pro is the ultimate dream when it comes to storage for all your beauty must-haves! This makeup case is more of a makeup station with everything you need and then some! The case features the one and only classic Hollywood style mirror with large bulbs on each side. Easily plug in the case and you now have the option of dimming and brightening the lighting to your liking.

Slay All Day with the Slaycase Pro


Why is it popular?


Storage galore! Pack up your makeup to hair products with ease. The Slaycase Pro is a beautiful accent piece to whatever environment you are in. It is not only beautiful and decorative but practical. With this product, you can maintain an organized makeup space, and it is easy to clean. Stay organized and inspired each day. No more looking for that hidden highlighter – save time with this makeup station that is portable.


What are the functions?


6 large bulbs are included, 3 on each side for ultimate illumination. 4 sturdy legs are included and are adjustable to whatever height makes most sense for you and whatever height you’re comfortable with. These adjustable stand legs are also easily removable. The Slaycase includes wheels for your convenience. If you’re on the go, simply remove the 4 legs and wheel away.


The Slaycase Pro is great for organizing all your beauty needs. With detachable tiered compartments you have the ability to store your belongings as you see fit.


What colors does it come in?


5 dazzling designs include: Rose Gold Bling, Pink Mermaid Shimmer, White and Rose Gold Studded, Black Studded and the celebrity favorite, Champagne Sparkle.


Whether you be on the go, traveling to an exotic destination and you want to ensure you’ll have your favorite makeup pieces with you at all times for the ideal selfie, or you’re a makeup professional rushing from gig to gig OR if you want a gorgeous piece in your home that is decorative and excellent storage for all your beauty essentials – Get your Slaycase today!


You can easily purchase any of the Slaycase Makeup Cases on the Impressions Vanity website at:

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