"Mob Wife" Approved - The Bling Collection Vanity Mirrors

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The allure of mob wife aesthetics is in and it's here to stay, celebrating bold glamour and embracing the finer things in life effortlessly. In tribute to this trend, we proudly introduce the Bling Collection – a line of vanity mirrors infused with the same iconic technology as our classic makeup mirrors. Equipped with RGB lighting, dimmable features, and more, this collection distinguishes itself with a dazzling array of crystals adorning the front and sides.

Bling Collection

Meet The Bling Collection

Whether you're looking for a small desk mirror for a compact space or refreshing your vanity mirror, we've got you covered. Choose between three mirror products in this loud luxury line: The Bling Collection - Mini Makeup Mirror, Portrait Vanity Mirror, and Landscape Vanity Mirror.

Shop the new collection here The Bling Collection

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