Introducing My Melody and Kuromi Vanity Chairs

Posted by Cindy Tran on

With the spirit of kindness and friendship, we're expanding our chair collection with new additions from the Hello Kitty Friends universe - Introducing My Melody and Kuromi Vanity Chairs. These iconic Sanrio characters are here to add a touch of charm and personality to your vanity space like never before. 
With her signature pink hood, little ears, and adorable bow - My Melody steals hearts wherever she goes! Known for her gentle and caring nature, My Melody brings a sense of innocence and sweetness to your vanity setup. Imagine sitting on a cloud of comfort as you pamper yourself in the company of this lovable character! 
On the flip side, we have Kuromi, the feisty counterpart to My Melody. With her punk-inspired style and playful demeanor, Kuromi adds a touch of edginess to your glam space. Yet, beneath her mischievous exterior lies a heart of gold, making her the perfect companion for those who march to the beat of their own drum.
Whether you're a My Melody aficionado or a Kuromi enthusiast, now's your chance to bring these beloved Sanrio characters into your glam room in a whole new way. Transform your vanity area into a sanctuary of style and comfort with Impressions Vanity's latest licensed vanity chair collection. Shop The New Collection at

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