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The Brilliance is our most technologically advanced addition here at Impressions Vanity.

Why is the Brilliance special, you may ask? It is our first ever Smart mirror! We have figured out a way for you to glam in advanced style, where you can easily speak to your very own Brilliance. Not only is it convenient,
but also beautifully state-of-the-art design!

The Brilliance Mirror comes in white, black, and silver, all in our signature Pro and Plus sizes. With the sleek,
minimal design of the thin frame and built-in LED bulbs, this will elevate all your get-ready-with-me station needs.
With the ease of your voice, you’ll be able to experience all the Brilliance has to offer.

Your future isn’t somewhere out there, your future is with Impressions Vanity.

Join us to learn how to connect your Brilliance to your smart speaker with absolute ease!


First things first, you will need to download “Smart Life” in the app store. This app will allow you to sync your Brilliance to your devices. After you’ve downloaded it, proceed with registering an account with your mobile number or email address.


Once in the app, you’ll get started with adding your device. Go to “ADD DEVICE” which will bring you to “LIGHTING”, reaching the last step of “LIGHTING”.


But wait, there’s more!

The Brilliance will need to be in pairing mode.

You can simply short press the ON/OFF switch 3 times, this will activate the Brilliance’s pairing mode and the bulbs will flash rapidly. When you’d like to turn off pairing mode, just short press the ON/OFF switch once!


Next, you will need to add in your Wi-Fi password. Once you’ve successfully paired, you can change the name of your Brilliance. Make sure to add your smart speaker (Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc) to your Brilliance!


Now that you’ve connected your Brilliance to your smart speaker, you’re probably wondering “what can it do?”

There are a number of phrases you can say for the Brilliance to meet its fullest potential.



The Brilliance responds to “turn on/off” or “set on/off”, for example, you can say these following phrases:

“Turn on Brilliance”, “Turn off Brilliance”

“Brighten Brilliance”, “Dim Brilliance”

For adjusting the brightness: “Set Brilliance to 60%” or “Turn brilliance to 60%”

For setting the bulb temperature: “Set Brilliance to cool white” or “Turn Brilliance to warm white”


For it’s leisure and elegance, the Brilliance will be an impeccable addition to making life easier. With it’s amazing lighting, design features, and voice-activated controls, all those extra steps you used to worry about will be a thing of the past!


The Brilliance will compliment your daily routine, your moments before big events, and those times where you just need that added relief by using the power within your voice.

Fulfill your future with better days with the Brilliance!


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