IVC Babe Spotlight: Rock M Sakura

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Happy Pride Month! While we celebrate all month with love, we're excited to welcome Rock M Sakura, the fabulous American drag performer from San Francisco, California, and Season 12 contestant of RuPaul's Drag Race, to Impressions Vanity for an exclusive interview! We dive into all things drag, glam, and the magic behind her iconic looks.

Here's our favorite Q & A's from the interview...

Question: What was your first Impressions Vanity product?

Rock M Sakura: “My first Impressions Vanity product was a Hello Kitty Led Handheld Makeup Mirror. It was a piece of merchandise that I could use as an adult and justify buying. It’s magnetic and has lights—I was using it earlier!”


Question: What inspired you to do drag?

Rock M Sakura: “My background was in comic books, manga, and illustration animations. I always wanted to see myself as an anime character, so this was my way to embody that. Cosplay was my gateway into getting into drag.”


Question: What keeps you inspired and creative with your makeup looks?

Rock M Sakura: “It’s my mindset that comes from being an artist who has done drag for a while now. To keep yourself fresh and moving, observe yourself and find new things that you like.”


Question: Share with us your favorite beginner/baby drag queen memory.

Rock M Sakura: “This is one of those moments that really haunts you at night. My friend and I were coming home from San Francisco after doing a Star Wars-themed show, and we were both in drag. My friend was a big green woman with long tendrils. Our car broke down on the highway, and we needed to get gas, so we walked down the highway in full drag with our wigs on. When we got to the gas station, we were like, ‘Do you have a canister, sir?’ The guy had a look of pure fear at 3 in the morning.”


Question: What makes you feel the best and most glamorous?

Rock M Sakura: “Good lighting. You guys have lights here and there (*points at our studio lighting)! Think of a pumpkin before the fairy godmother. Or the rat.”

Rock M Sakura’s journey in the drag world is as colorful and captivating as her makeup looks. From her early inspirations rooted in comic books and anime to the memorable and humorous adventures she’s had along the way, her story is a testament to the creativity and resilience that defines who she is today.

For a deeper dive into Rock M Sakura's world, watch the interview video here! Don’t forget to check us out on our IG to see more exclusive content with Rock M Sakura, including behind-the-scenes moments, makeup tutorials, and more! Stay tuned to our Vanity Blog for more exciting interviews and features from your beauty icons.


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