Impressions Vanity For Hello Kitty's 50th Anniversary Collection

Posted by Cindy Tran on

Embracing nearly half a century of spreading friendship and kindness worldwide, a timeless message resonates. Marking the iconic 50th anniversary of Hello Kitty®, We are unveiling a limited edition collection – Impressions Vanity For Hello Kitty 50th– featuring exclusive gradient artwork and pearlized finishes on a range of products, adding a touch of charm and nostalgia to the milestone celebration.

The collection features six standout products:

  • Hello Kitty® 50th Clutch Set
    • Redesigned for versatility, this version boasts a sky blue strap, transforming it into a chic bag. The exterior bag is crafted from transparent PVC with a subtle pink hue on the sides, showcasing an exclusive Hello Kitty 50th print. The smaller bag complements with a pastel gradient print on coated canvas, adding a touch of charm to your ensemble.
  • Hello Kitty® 50th Slim Pouch Set
    • This set includes a large pouch featuring an exclusive transparent Hello Kitty 50th print, paired with a coated canvas limited edition pastel gradient artwork on the smaller pouch to neatly tuck away personal items.

Immerse yourself in the celebration of decades of friendship and kindness with Impressions Vanity For Hello Kitty's 50th anniversary through these carefully curated and uniquely designed products, capturing the essence of a timeless friendship. This is a limited edition collection, so get yours before it's sold out.

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