6 Best Beauty Organizers To Keep Your Vanity In Order

Posted by Cindy Tran on

A clutter-free mind consists of clear skin and a clean countertop.

We understand the challenges of discovering the most effective way to simplify your vanity and organize your valued products. Even the team at Impressions Vanity struggles with maintaining order with their makeup and skincare products! Whether it's due to space constraints on your countertop, a bit of forgetfulness, or if you're a committed collector lacking a specific system, you deserve a tidy space for your everyday beauty routine.

We've rounded up the best of the best just in time for a spring refresh, including vanity mirrors inspired by medicine cabinetry, vanity desks with hidden compartments, acrylic makeup organizers, and more. Whatever your budget, organizational requirements, or available square footage, there's an option for you.


SlayStation® Scarlett Vanity Table

Ideal for smaller spaces, the SlayStation® Scarlett boasts a glass top main drawer along with an additional tiered drawer with nine compartments, facilitating the perfect separation and organization of your makeup pieces. The top-tier drawer proudly showcases all your glam essentials, while the bottom drawer serves as an ideal hideaway for additional storage.

Prisma Cabinet Tri-Tone LED Vanity Mirror

Are you limited on space or in search of a discreet makeup storage solution? Introducing the Prisma Cabinet Vanity Mirror from the Prisma Series, showcasing an iridescent hue with a medicine cabinet build. This makeup mirror features a full-size mirror with tritone lighting. Open it up to reveal multiple compartments designed for storing jewelry, makeup, skincare products, hair tools, and more.

Positano Cosmetic Travel Organizer Case

Ideal for travel or at home use, the Positano vegan leather makeup case efficiently organizes essentials with two zippered levels, fitting both upright bottles and palettes. Plus, it includes a detachable flexible divider insert with pockets for optimal product organization.

Malta Clear Toiletry Case

For those on the move with their makeup collection, the Malta travel bag is your new BESTIE. Compact enough to fit in a carry-on bag, yet spacious to accommodate all your essentials. The generous double compartments, equipped with a secure zipper closure, ensure nothing spills during transit. Crafted from water-resistant PVC, its clear design makes it effortless to keep tabs on all your packed items. It’s also available in a large version!

Prisma Series 

Step aside plain, clear organizers; enter the Prisma Series, a acrylic organization line featuring an iridescent exterior. This collection not only adds structure to your space, it makes it a VIBE. The 3-Tier Acrylic Organizer (left image) provides endless storage options with easy-to-pull-out drawers. The Multi-Use 4 Compartment Acrylic Organizer (right image) is an efficient and stylish way to organize and display all of your daily essentials on your vanity table.

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