Everlasting Impressions With The Touch Pro

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Check out our newest Youtube video on
our beloved classic, The Touch Pro. 


With its size, shape, and amazing functions, the Touch Pro proves to be one of our timeless pieces here at Impressions Vanity.
We adore everything about it. The stunning bright light makes anyone glow!
The bluetooth functions gives ease while getting ready, whether that's answering calls or listening to music.

Being able to take it anywhere during the daily routine is a plus!
Don't miss out on the elegance and innovation that is the Touch Pro.  

Colors available in Glossy White, Pro Black, Champagne Gold, Hello Kitty Pearl White, Rose Gold, and Silver.


Check out our latest video and demo, on our cherished Touch Pro.
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the perfect fit

The Touch Pro is small, but mighty!

The perfect fit for your desk, dresser, or makeup station. It can go anywhere in your home or even on the go!

Seamlessly store it into your suitcase or your purse for your daily commute or your next exciting adventure.

the illuminating glow

Your beauty can glow with the Touch Pro!

The bright LED light has a built-in dimmer switch feature that activates by simply holding the sensor.

Find the best lighting for all of your captivating features.


Keep life simple with the Touch Pro!

With built-in speakers, you can listen to your favorite tunes.

If a call comes in, just click on the phone icon on the side of the mirror and you're free to chat at the comfort of your vanity set.


the ease of recharge

The power is in your reflection with the rechargeable capability of the Touch Pro.

This gives you the flexibility to take it with you anywhere.
You can charge your phone with the Touch Pro when
you're out and about.


She's beauty, she's grace, she has exquisite taste with the Touch Pro.

Unforgettable and everlasting, the Touch Pro has made its mark with us at Impressions Vanity.

We know it will do the same for you!


For more details on the Touch Pro, and all other vanity essentials, visit us at www.ImpressionsVanity.com.
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