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SlayStation® Plus 2.0 Mirrored Tabletop + Vanity Mirror + 5 Drawer Units Bundle



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This Impressions Vanity® SlayStation® Plus 2.0 Vanity Tabletop Bundle includes:

    SlayStation® Plus 2.0 Mirrored Vanity Tabletop
    Overall Dimensions With 5-Drawers

    Length 51 in.
    Width 23.5 in.
    Height 31.5 in.

    Left and Right Drawers

    Length 11.25 in.
    Width 18.25 in.
    Height 2.75 in.

    Center Drawers

    Length 21 in.
    Width 18.25 in.
    Height 2.75 in.


    SlayStation® Mirrored 5-Drawer Units
    Overall Dimensions

    Length 14.25 in.
    Width 22.375 in.
    Height 27.25 in.
    Weight 55 lbs


    Hollywood Premiere® Plus Vanity Mirror
    Overall Dimensions

    Length 31.5 in.
    Height 25.5 in.



    Hollywood Glow® Plus Vanity Mirror

    Mirror Dimensions

    Length 31 in.
    Height 25.25 in.