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SlayStation® Aria 9-Drawers Vanity Storage Unit



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Combine style and functionality with the Aria-9-Drawer! This gorgeous piece features mirrored side panels, mirrored top, and mirrored drawers. Do you ever get the impression that we love mirrors?

This set comes in two parts: a top piece and a bottom piece. The top piece is equipped with 5 medium soft-close drawers and the bottom piece is equipped with 4 large soft-close drawers. Each drawer provides easy access to your vanity accessories.


  • Mirrored side panels, top panel, and drawers
  • Comes in two parts:
    • Top piece: 5 medium soft-close drawers
    • Bottom Piece: 4 large soft-close drawers
  • An opening slot on each drawer to open/close


    Length 14 in.
    Width 21.5 in.
    Height 44.5 in.
    Weight 69 lbs.


    Small Drawer

    Interior Depth 16.875 in.
    Interior Width 10.5 in.
    Interior Height 1.75 in.


    Large Drawer

    Interior Depth 16.875 in.
    Interior Width 10.5 in.
    Interior Height 3.5 in.