Melody 9-inch Round Duotone Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers



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Put on your glam and pump up the jam with Impression Vanity’s Melody 9-inch Duotone Makeup Mirror! This smart makeup mirror features Bluetooth to connect with your devices and play your music with its loud dual speakers. Control the volume, change songs, and take calls all from your mirror. It is also easily rechargeable with a micro-USB. 
The mirror has a bright built-in LED strip light with adjustable brightness. Simply tap the top touch sensor on the mirror to turn on/off the lights and press and hold to adjust the brightness. Tap the bottom touch sensor to alternate between three light settings: warm, cool, and white lighting. Included is our magnetic 3.5" 5x magnifying mirror that can be placed on the Melody mirror for detailed work and is easily stored away in the slot behind the mirror. The mirror is adjustable up and down a full 180 degrees for your comfortable angle. 
The Melody has a built-in digital display with a clock. The display also shows if your Bluetooth is on/off and the charge of your Melody out of 3 bars. When charging, the display shows “USB” and the battery bars will be flashing. When your Melody is low on battery, a single bar will be flashing. 
The Melody also talks to let users know when the Bluetooth is on/off and in need of charging. 

  • Mirror:
    • Bright LED strip light
    • Adjustable brightness
    • 3 lighting options: warm, cool, and white lighting
    • Adjustable up and down 180 degrees  
  • Built-in touch sensor:
    • Tap the top sensor to turn on/off the mirror
    • Press and hold the top sensor to adjust the brightness
    • Tap the bottom sensor to switch between lighting options
  • Color matching 3.5" magnetic 5x mirror
    • Can be placed on the face of the Melody mirror
    • Stored at the back of the Melody mirror in its own slot compartment
  • Bluetooth:
    • Connect to your Bluetooth devices 
    • Take calls through your mirror
  • Display:
    • Built-in clock
    • Battery charge indicator
    • USB display when the Melody is charging
    • Bluetooth display for on/off
  • Stereo:
    • Loud dual speakers
    • Buttons to adjust the volume
  • Melody speaks to let users know that: 
    • the Bluetooth is on/off
    • The battery is low
  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Micro-USB cable included
  • Microfiber cloth included
Mirror 9 in radius
Length 8.75 in.
Width 4.5 in.
Height 13.5 in.
Weight 4.5 lbs.