Luxe 7X Magnification Tri-Tone LED Makeup Mirror



Trouble getting that perfect winged eyeliner or desperately needing to get a clearer close-up? Look no further, the Luxe 7x Magnification Tri-Tone LED Makeup Mirror is the ultimate, luxury dream come true for all close-up needs. This quality piece includes a user-friendly soft touch sensor switch, three light color temperatures to match your personal preference, and a 360 degree tilt and swivel to reach all your desired angels.


  • Soft touch sensor switch 
  • Three light color temperatures 
  • 360 degree tilt and swivel 
  • 10x magnifying mirror 
  • Portable and travel friendly 
  • USB charging cable 
  • Instruction manual

Length 6.92 in.
Height 12.59 in.
Weight  1 Ib.