Hollywood Soleil Duo-Tone LED Makeup Mirror with UV Gel Curing Lamp


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The Hollywood Soleil Duo-Tone Makeup Mirror is the ultimate glam station for multi-tasking with ease! With its innovative 2-in-1 design, this makeup mirror has a built-in UV gel curing lamp, saving you time during your beauty routine. Simply tap the sensor to control brightness and color temperature. 



  • Soft-touch sensor dimmer switch - tap to turn on then hold down to adjust the brightness
  • Dual  light color temperature with soft touch sensor switch - just tap to go from cool to warm light
  • energy-saving LED light bulbs
  • Power adapter included  
  • UV gel curing lamp included. Choose from three timing options:
    • Automatic Sensor Timer Mode -curing for 120 seconds

    • 30 / 60 Seconds Timer Mode

    • Unlimited Timer Mode (Limit exposure to no more than 10 minutes per hand, per session.)

18.50 in.
Width 15.75 in.
Depth 4.33 in.
Weight 5 Ib.