Hollywood Glow® Pro Vanity Mirror



The extravagant Impressions Vanity® Hollywood Glow® Pro Vanity Mirror was designed with beauty professionals and serious makeup fiends in mind, with its larger-than-life size and game-changing perfect lighting.

An ultimate statement in vanity elegance that features our exclusive patented Hollywood Glow® frame – a unique, chic, modern design that radiates a new Hollywood glamour aesthetic with its simple sophistication that has made countless makeup lovers, pros and beauty bloggers fall in love. Join thousands of happy vanitistas and let your every day glow!

  • Hollywood-style lighting is timeless aesthetic that provides perfectly even studio-quality illumination
  • Upgrade to our custom-made premium LED vanity bulbs for daylight bright white lighting that renders more accurate colors, saves up to 90% energy, and lasts 25 times longer – a smart investment that actually saves you money in the long run
  • Detachable base for seamless SlayStation® integration or easy wall mounting (wall mount kit required, sold separately)
  • No more ugly extension cords! Side-mounted accessory power and optional USB charging outlets for all your beauty accessories and device charging needs
  • Lighting always on fleek with the easy-to-reach dimmer switch for quick and accurate lighting control
  • Beautifully handcrafted high-quality wood that lends to premium feel, weight, and quality
  • Minimal assembly required, just screw in the base and bulbs, plug in, and light up!
  • Available in our signature Glossy White, Pro Black, Shimmery Silver, Champagne Gold, and Rose Gold premium finishes

Hollywood Glow® Pro BT Vanity Mirror with Wireless Bluetooth SpeakersPlay and Slay™ with the new Impressions Vanity® Hollywood Glow® Pro BT Vanity Mirror with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers! Featuring an all-new digital LED screen and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming! Use its digital control panel to engage the Bluetooth, turn its volume up or down, and check the temperature to make sure you don’t have a makeup meltdown!
  • Wireless Bluetooth™ speakers for audio streaming with LED screen indicator
  • Touch-sensitive control panel to adjust the volume, change the LED display mode, and more
  • Digital thermostat function lets you know what weather to get ready for
  • Illuminated Impressions Vanity® Company logo with on/off switch
  • Available in our signature Glossy White, Pro Black, Champagne Gold, Shimmery Silver and Rose Gold premium finishes

Designed with beautiful form, useful function, and durable quality in mind, Impressions Vanity® mirrors will provide glamorous lighting and superior clarity for years to come, guaranteed with our Five-Year Limited Warranty.

Our flagship line, the bestselling Impressions Vanity® Hollywood Glow® Series is designed from start to finish and beautifully handcrafted using high-quality materials. Every step performed by top craftsmen within our high-standard facility, our Hollywood Glow® Series is masterfully created with signature finishes and glazed with the perfect touch of gloss.

Truly an ultimate statement in vanity elegance, our exclusive patented Hollywood Glow® Frame design strikes the perfect balance between luxurious classic and ultra-chic modern, birthing a new brand of Hollywood glamour® and simple sophistication that has countless makeup lovers, pros and beauty bloggers falling in love. Join thousands of happy owners today and make your every makeup session an ethereal pleasure you'll fall in love with each and every time!

Only Impressions Vanity® Hollywood Vanity Mirrors are certified by ETL, CE, and RoHS safety standards.

We love seeing your photos! Tag @ImpressionsVanity on Instagram with the hashtag #ImpressionsVanityGlowPro to submit your photo for a chance feature on our pages!

Mirror 42.75 x 31 in. 
Length 43.5 in.
Width 13 in.
Height 33.5 in.
Weight 70 lbs.

The main difference between our available incandescent and LED bulbs are the color temperature (glow color). Our incandescent bulbs have a warmer (more yellow) glow while LEDs have a more natural, whiter light as shown in the image* below:

*computer rendered approximation, actual appearance may slightly differ

LED bulbs also are energy-saving and do not get hot to the touch, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs.

Questions & Answers

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  • What is the difference Between the Pro and the Plus??? So confused trying to purchase now but want to know the difference since their is a price difference.

    The Glow Pro and Glow Plus are two different sizes. The Glow Pro is larger than the Glow Plus. Please see description for details on dimensions.

  • How long is shipping?

    Processing is generally 1-3 business days and shipping is an additional 2-5 business days. You will receive a email with tracking details once your order has shipped. If you have any further questions regarding the shipping of your order please give us a call at 1.855.373.9983.

  • Does it comes with the light bulbs?

    Yes, you have a choice between Incandescents, free with purchase, or LEDs, our upgraded and recommended bulbs.

  • Does it have the on/off switch?

    Yes, our Glow Pro along with all of our Hollywood Style Vanity Mirrors come with a on/off switch.

  • how much does this mirror weigh?

    Our Glow Pro Vanity Mirror weighs 70 lbs.

  • It says outlets - plural. For the upgrade, how many plugs and how many USB slots are there?

    For the "Dual Outlet and USB" upgrade, there are two outlets and two USB ports.

  • Can the bottom stand part come off? I am just wondering if I could attach it to slaystation vanity tabletop if purchased separately?

    Yes, the base can be removed. If you wish to purchase the Slay Station at a later time, please make sure you purchase the "PRO" Slay Station to match the Glow Pro Mirror. :) 

  • What is the difference from the three choices of lightbulbs?

    Our incandescents are our standard option, free with your Hollywood vanity purchase. These are a warm light. We also offer and recommend our LED bulbs in either frosted or clear. These are best for makeup application due to their bright white light. They are also energy efficient, longer lasting, and cool to the touch. 

  • can I upgrade the bulbs at a later time?

    Yes, we offer individual bulbs under the tab "bulbs and more".

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