Alexa Acrylic Makeup Drawer Organizer - Adjustable Brush Holder, 12 Slots (Wide)

  • $29.00


Putting a new twist on our beloved classic, the Alexa drawer organizers are here in four all-new styles to keep the day saved for all of your organization needs! Like its predecessor, it's crafted in the finest quality, crystal-clear acrylic so virtually nothing but a shadow stands between you and your prized collection.

Our Adjustable Brush Holder Drawer Organizer is the answer to your prayers no more interrupting your practice of the perfect feline flick or false lash application due to a runaway brush! This organizer puts your brushes in their fixed and proper place so your hands can stay focused on enjoying your "me" time. Best of all, it's adjustable, so you can decide how your routine works best, because it's your world, and we're just living it!