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SlayStation® Pro 2.0 Tabletop + Glow Pro Vanity Mirror + Drawer Units Bundle



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This ultimate Impressions Vanity SlayStation® Pro Vanity Bundle includes:
  • Impressions Vanity SlayStation® Pro 2.0 Vanity Tabletop
  • Impressions Vanity SlayStation® 5 or 6-Drawer Units (x2)
  • Impressions Vanity Hollywood Glow® Pro Vanity Mirror with dimmer, dual USB+power outlets, and premium LED bulbs
  • Available in Classic White, Bright White and Pro Black 
  • Assembly required

Overall Dimensions

Length 59 in.
Width 23.5 in.
Height 4 in.


Length 17 in.
Width 18.5 in.
Height 2.75 in.


Overall Dimensions

Length 14.25 in.
Width 22.375 in.
Height 27.25 in.
Weight 45 lbs


Overall Dimensions

Length 14.25 in.
Width 19 in.
Height 31.5 in.
Weight 65 lbs.

Small Drawers

Length 17 in.
Width 11 in.
Height 2.75 in.

Large Drawers

Length 17 in.
Width 11 in.
Height 4 in.


Overall Dimensions

Length 43.5 in.
Width 2.5 in. without base, 8 in. with base
Height 33.5 in.

Mirror Dimensions

Length 42.75 in.
Height 31 in.
Diagonal Approx. 51 in.

Questions & Answers

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  • When will the SlayStation™ Pro 2.0 + Glow Pro Vanity Bundle with Drawer Unit be back in stock?

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  • When will this item come back in stock? How long does it usually take ?

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  • Does this mirror come with the plug in area on the side ?

    Yes, outlets and USB ports are on the side of the Glow Pro Vanity Mirror.

  • What’s the difference between the clear and frosted led globe bulbs. What would be better for makeup application

    Our incandescents are our standard option, free with your hollywood vanity purchase. These are a warm light. We also offer and recommend our LED bulbs in either frosted or clear. Either choice is purely a personal preference in style. These are best for makeup application due to their bright white light. They are also energy efficient, longer lasting, and cool to the touch. 

  • How does the mirror attach to the table? And how much table space does that take up?

    The mirror screws in from the bottom, much like you would attach the base to the mirror. When the mirror is attached to the SlayStation it acutally takes up less space than if it were to sit on top with its base.

  • What is the difference between glow pro and glow plus?

    The Glow Pro and Glow Plus vanity mirror are two different sizes. The Glow Pro is larger than the Glow Plus. Please see description for details on dimensions.

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