Touch Pro LED Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth Audio+Speakerphone & USB Charger



#SLAYLOUDER! Slay and wirelessly stream your music, YouTube video makeup tutorial audio, and more from any Bluetooth-enabled device, or even pick up a phone call and talk hands-free!

  • 360 SWIVEL + TILT MIRROR: distortion-free mirror tilts & swivels for optimal use at any angle
  • ULTRA-BRIGHT DAYLIGHT LED LIGHTING: energy-saving LED lighting that emulates natural daylight to render more accurate colors, and with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours – no more worrying about replacing bulbs
  • FRONT TOUCH-SENSOR SWITCH: just tap to turn the lights on and press and hold down to adjust the brightness up or dim it down
  • WIRELESS BLUETOOTH AUDIO SPEAKER: wirelessly stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, or even your favorite YouTube makeup tutorials from any compatible Bluetooth-enabled device while getting ready
  • HANDSFREE SPEAKERPHONE: front-facing wireless Bluetooth microphone lets you pick up or make handsfree phone calls and talk all day while putting your makeup on
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Recharge your 4000mAh battery by plugging in the included micro-USB charging cable into any USB port, including your laptop's!
  • USB POWERBANK CHARGER: plugin and charge your phone or any other USB device through the USB powerbank charging port
  • PORTABLE CORDLESS OPERATION: charge, unplug and use your Touch Pro anywhere, or easily take it apart to fit and take it in your luggage during travels, goodbye horrible hotel lighting!
  • HIGH-GLOSS SCRATCH-RESISTANT COATING: the easy-to-clean protective glossy UV coating resists scratches to keep your Touch Pro's beautiful aesthetic last for years to come
  • DIAMOND CLASS WARRANTY: our commitment to quality and to you – worry-free replacements for any issues during your entire first year of Touch Pro ownership!*

*One-year limited warranty including free replacements for any manufacturing defects or issues under normal operating conditions.

Mirror: 9 x 12.25 in.
Length: 8.75 in.
Width: 7.5 in.
Height: 17 in.
Weight: 6 lbs.

Questions & Answers

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  • Does it have magnification?

    The Touch Pro has a regular 1X magnification. We do offer othe styles with magnification such as our Touch XL Mirror.

  • Does this mirror come with a cord

    Our Touch Pro comes with a USB cord to charge the mirror, simply plug the mirco USB into the mirror and the USB end into a charging port.

  • Heya! Can the mirror be detached from the stand for easy transport. Because this is literally my deciding factor on wether or not I'm buying this bad boy haha

    Our Touch Pro comes with all parts detached and all can be easily assembled and disassembled once put together. 

  • Upon receiving the mirror, is the mirror fully charged and ready to go? If not, when charging the mirror with the micro usb charger, is there an indicator light?

    The mirror will have some charge upon first arrival. When the mirco USB is inserted a red light will appear, indicating the mirror is charging.

  • Can the mirror charge and be turned on(the lights) at the same time?

    Yes, while charging the mirror's LED lights will turn on.

  • How do you know when your mirror is charging?

    There is a red light that will come on next to the charging port to indicate the mirror is charging. 

  • how do i connect the bluetooth

    To connect to the Bluetooh, turn the mirror on. You will hear "bluetooth mode". From your smart phone, turn on your bluetooth connection and connect to "Touch Pro". 

  • How do you set up the Bluetooth? It's charging since i just received it. But I'm not sure how to set the Bluetooth up

    The on / off switch along the bottom will turn on or off the bluetooth, you will hear the voice say "Bluetooth Mode" indicating that it is ready to connect. From your phone or device select the Touch Pro bluetooth connectivity, once connected you will hear the voice say "Device Connected".

    If you have any additional questions please feel free to give us a call at 1.844.881.0790 or email us at

  • Can this mirror be mounted?

    No, unfortunately, this mirror was not manufactured to be mounted. 

  • Does the mirror turn horizontal and vertical.

    Yes! Thanks to its 360 swivel this mirror can turn both horizontal and vertical.

  • Does this mirror in gold come with the bling?

    At this time our Platinum Bling and Rose Gold Bling editions are the only colors with the crystal "bling" stand.

  • How often do you have to charge the mirror?

    This depends on usuage. The mirror will notify you when it needs to be charged. When plugged in a red light will inidicate that it is charging and turn off once fully charged.

  • When I’m trying to charge my mirror, the light keeps flashing from blue to red? Does that mean it’s charging correctly ?

    Red indicates that the mirror is charging. Blue indicates that the mirror is ready to connect to a bluetooth device.

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