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SlayStation® Scarlett Vanity Table + Vanity Mirror Bundle



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Do you have makeup tools galore? Well, we have the Slaystation with limitless space for you - Introducing the SlayStation® Scarlett Vanity Table! Features one luxury main drawer with an additional inside top drawer assembled into 3 compartmental sections to perfectly separate and organize your makeup pieces. With clear glass, the top drawer showcases all your beautiful glam essentials while the bottom drawer is the perfect hide-away for storage.


This ultimate Impressions Vanity SlayStation® Scarlett Vanity Bundle includes:



  • Available in 1 color: White
  • Clear view glass top
  • Double drawers
  • 2  Silver drawer knobs included
  • Minimal Assembly Required

SlayStation® Scarlett Vanity Table + Hollywood Glow® Plus Vanity Mirror Bundle

35.5 in.
21.625 in.
Height 57.5 in.
Weight 109 Ibs.


Hollywood Glow® Plus Vanity Mirror

31.5 in.
2.75 in.
Height 25.625 in.
Weight 49 Ibs.


SlayStation® Scarlett Vanity Table

Width 35.5 in.
21.625 in.
Height 31.75 in.
Weight 60 Ibs.

The main difference between our available incandescent and LED bulbs are the color temperature (glow color). Our incandescent bulbs have a warmer (more yellow) glow while LEDs have a more natural, whiter light as shown in the image*  below:

*computer rendered approximation, actual appearance may slightly differ 

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