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Hollywood Round Tri-tone LED Vanity Mirror



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The Hollywood Round Tri-tone LED Vanity Mirror beautifully combines Hollywood elegance with the modern sophistication of long-lasting, energy-saving LED lighting, eliminating the need for traditional bulbs while keeping the glamorous studio look. It also comes with a beautiful base.


  • Integrated LED lighting saves energy and eliminates bulb changes
  • Natural daylight LEDs and Hollywood layout provides perfect makeup lighting
  • Elegant edge-to-edge frameless design with mirrored base gives an amazingly sophisticated look
  • Plugs into regular power wall outlets, just plug in and slay!
  • Size perfectly designed with desktop vanity stations in mind
  • Comes in two colors: Black and White
  • Minimal assembly required
15.75 in.
Length 15.75 in.
Weight 11 Ibs.