Hollywood Iconic® Plus Vanity Mirror



Hollywood Iconic® Plus Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker Option

The Impressions Vanity Hollywood Iconic® Plus Vanity Mirror is the classic Hollywood glam experience in a package you can take home.

The Impressions Vanity Hollywood Iconic® Plus Vanity Mirror is the classic vanity experience – classic Hollywood Glam design that provides perfect, even lighting and superior mirror reflection clarity ideal for makeup application at any setting, home or professional, or even for taking that perfect Instagram selfie!

The Hollywood Iconic® Plus comes standard with a dimmer switch and convenient outlets to power up your beauty accessories, chargers and more. The light aluminum body can easily be wall-mounted or attached to the included base tabletop use.

  • Timeless classic Hollywood backstage style that will fit any decor
  • 12-bulb Hollywood backstage vanity layout provides perfect makeup lighting
  • Pre-installed hook slots in the back for easy wall-mounting
  • Complimentary soft white incandescent or upgrade to premium daylight white LED vanity bulbs
  • Available in black, silver and white
  • Minimal assembly required

Hollywood Iconic® Plus BT Vanity Mirror with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Hollywood just got even more Iconic! Play and Slay™ with the Impressions Vanity® Hollywood Iconic® Plus BT Vanity Mirror with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, featuring an all-new digital LED screen and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming! Use its digital control panel to engage the Bluetooth, turn its volume up or down, and check the temperature to make sure you don’t have a makeup meltdown!

  • Wireless Bluetooth™ speakers for audio streaming with LED screen indicator
  • Touch-sensitive control panel to adjust the volume, change the LED display mode, and more
  • Digital thermostat function lets you know what weather to get ready for
  • Available in black, silver and white

Only Impressions Vanity® Hollywood Vanity Mirrors are certified by ETL, CE, and RoHS safety standards.

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Mirror 25 x 19.25 in.
Length 34 in.
Width 11 in.
Height 26.75 in.
Weight 43 lbs.

The main difference between our available incandescent and LED bulbs are the color temperature (glow color). Our incandescent bulbs have a warmer (more yellow) glow while LEDs have a more natural, whiter light as shown in the image* below:

*computer rendered approximation, actual appearance may slightly differ

LED bulbs also are energy-saving and do not get hot to the touch, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Do they have warranty??

    Yes, all hollywood style mirrors come with a 5 year warranty.

  • Does this also come with the 5 year warranty?

    Yes, it does! This mirror includes a 5-year manufacturer warranty. 

  • Do you ever have to worry about the bulbs getting too hot while doing your makeup?

    For this we suggest our LED bulbs. These are cool to the touch, a bright white light, and best for makeup application.

  • What is the difference between the two lights available?

    Our incandescents are our standard option, free with your hollywood vanity purchase. These are a warm light. We also offer and recommend our LED bulbs in either frosted or clear. These are best for makeup application due to their bright white light. They are also energy efficient, longer lasting, and cool to the touch. 

  • Does this have a plug?

    Yes, all of out hollywood style mirrors come with a wall plug, simply plug in for use.