This is YOUR year. And while you may have binged out on Netflix and almost literally turned into a couch potato…you are SET to turn heads as you strut down those hallways Monday morning. This means A-1 lighting for your morning routine, an after lunch locker check, and a pick me up during 5th period, and girl we got you.

Here’s four hot fire lighting essentials to set you up for a year of success: 

1. Touch 2.0 LED Makeup Mirror - Perfect for your at home vanity, or even to bring in your weekend bag! Plus these mirrors come in an array of colors and finishes, including chrome!
    2. Halo Cordless Rechargeable LED 5X Makeup Mirror - Hack: stick this mirror on the inside of your locker for a fool proof look all year long.
    3. TouchUp Compact Mirror - No hall pass required to check your good looks, this compact mirror is totally backpack friendly.
    4. Diamond Collection Brush & More Makeup Organizer - New school year, means getting your ish together, let’s organize!


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    Impressions Vanity Back to School Sale
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