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Contour and highlighting. It's all anyone talks about these days; getting that perfect "glow". But why is it when you walk outside and into the light of day with those contoured and chiseled cheek bones and seemingly foolproof highlight that suddenly you turn into a melting pot of bronzer and glitter?! The answer is bad lighting, and yep you are doing it all wrong.

The only solution to avoid looking like a walking bake sale is to apply your glow in the best lighting possible. As DJ Khaled once said, lighting is major key. And as any good makeup artist knows, natural lighting is the best lighting. But like most, we do not have the leisure of waiting for the sun to rise in order to do our makeup or even have large windows to sit and glam under. So what do we do? Fake it...with BULBS. Now don't start rushing off to your local hardware store and pick up the first light bulbs you see. There are rules and guidelines you should know beforehand.

First, let's go over all the types of lighting you should avoid.

Fluorescent Lighting. *Ew* For obvious reasons this is the most unflattering light ever created on earth. And if you can't remember, give a visit to your old high school and you will know why. No one looks good in it, I repeat, no one. Final warning: do not attempt to do your makeup under these treacherous conditions.

Rose Lighting. As much as we all want a rosy complexion, let me stop you in this light of lies. You may look radiant now, but once you step outside hello blemish I thought had disappeared. Oh wait are those…? They can't be...dark circles?! *gasps!* Rose lighting will mislead you every time, only to leave you hopeless and spotty.

Yellow Lighting. Do you look in the mirror every morning and think "my gawd did I age 20 years overnight?!" It's not your sleep cycle ladies and gentlemen, it's your lighting. Yellow lighting is the number one cause for looking cakey.

Which brings us to the solution: natural lighting. But how do we obtain it?!

Here are two ways:

Incandescent lighting. With the right wattage and soft white color these bad boys will make you glow and help you blend into perfection. The light from these bulbs gives off a more natural tone. Incandescent lighting does however come with some side effects: the bulbs are still not 100% white light and they can get hot, be careful!

LED lighting. These are the ultimate king of all bulbs. LED's mimic the sun and offer the best light quality available. To get a little more technical here, LED's emit light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light. While other types of lighting must be reflected which can cause more than half the light to never leave the fixture! (energy.gov). In other words, LED's let out the most light and are the next best thing to daylight! LED's also have some pretty beneficial side effects such as being cool to the touch and not giving off heat. They are also energy efficient, have a super long life, and Eco-friendly! Yay environment!

Now, let's put those lights into formation.

Just as all eyes should be on you once you are done getting glammed up, all lights should be pointed at you during your glam sesh. Stay away from overhead lighting, downward facing lighting (we are not telling ghost stories here), or lighting from just one side. You may have a good side but don't let it get all of the attention! All of these allow for major errors when applying your makeup and diminish the whole purpose of your faux natural lighting. So make sure to have a well balanced amount of light from all sides of your face!

Dimmable lighting is another key factor and is perfect for makeup application. That way you can see what your makeup will look like at brunch with 12 of your closest friends and later on at your best friend’s boyfriend’s cousin’s after party.

Who's going to be waking up flawless now Beyonce?

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July 28, 2016 by Caitlin Feil
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