Jordan Bone's Beautiful Struggle

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Happy Friday everyone! We came across this amazingly beautiful and uplifting story of strength and perseverance, and we were so inspired we wanted to share it with everyone in hopes that you too, get inspired.

After a car accident left her paralyzed and unable to open or close her hands, Jordan Bone from the UK learned how to reapply makeup. To share her vulnerability to the world must have taken a lot and it's so great to see people like her willing to be open to show others what's possible. It's such a beautiful story of perseverance and we hope anyone who sees this who might be going through some struggles, or even maybe just having a less than perfect day and needs a lift, gets touched and inspired. We know we did! #mybeautifulstruggle

"I don't know what you're going through right now, but know that each day is worth living, know that you're worth so much, know that you're amazing. I have many challenges right now and my injury is just one of them - but I know that life gets better." - Jordan Bones

You can keep up with Jordan through her blog Jordan's Beautiful Life at

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