Interview with Jade Marie (@JadeyWadey180)

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Interview with Jade Marie (@JadeyWadey180)

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Last week Jade Marie stopped by Impressions Vanity Headquarters on her way to LA from her home back in San Diego. Sporting the cutest athleisure, (jean jacket, low cut top, leggings and running shoes) and just the slightest hint of makeup (literally maybe a drop of foundation), I was stunned by how beautiful she was in person without it all, and no lashes!!! Getting to talk more with Jade she is super down to earth, funny, and her love for what she does radiates through every word.

Q: Was the beauty industry always your passion, and what first spiked your interest?

A: Yes, the beauty industry has always been my passion. I come from an art background so I did a lot of drawing and painting growing up and it was all portraits…to me doing makeup was like doing art on a live canvas. I always loved the art of the makeup and I still do clients every single week and I will consistently do that for the rest of my life because I love the art aspect of it.

Q: What have been your favorite trends in the beauty industry?

A: I love contouring. I love the idea of sculpting the face and the illusion of creating a more defined face structure. Back in the day when it was not [well] known I did a lot of blog posts about contouring and they got repined [on Pinterest] so many times and I would get so excited to see my face and all these people [talking] about contour. Contouring can be a scary thing because it looks very strange right before you blend, but I think it’s such an amazing tool in the makeup industry. I love contouring! *laughs*

Q: Who would you say inspires you the most?

A: I wouldn’t say there is just one person. I get so inspired every single day when I am on Instagram because I see so many amazing artists around the world and all the looks that they create. So I wouldn’t say just one person inspires me but everyday when I see new artists create a beautiful editorial or any type of makeup look I get really inspired from [their work] to create stuff on myself or my clients.

Q: Currently you have your own business, where you specialize in makeup artistry for events, weddings and fashion. What has been the most rewarding experience for you through your business?

A: One of the most rewarding things when it comes to being a makeup artist is that I still work on brides, clients for events, and celebrities all the time, [and to see] their reaction when they look in the mirror after is the most rewarding part for me. Just as they feel so beautiful on the outside they feel as beautiful on the inside and I love seeing how happy they are with my art on their face.

Q: Through your blog ‘kissable complexions’, Instagram feed, and Youtube channel you have gained a large following, what is the biggest impression you want to make to your audience?

A: When I first started doing makeup I never thought that I would have my passion as my career. To me I just thought it would always be a hobby and I wouldn't really be able to do this [makeup artistry] and just this. But the biggest impression I want to give to everyone that follows me is that if you really do what you love you can create an amazing career out of it. I never feel like I am working a day in my life because I am doing my passion every single day.

Q: What are your goals for the future?

A: I feel like there [are] so many amazing opportunities out there that I haven't even had happen yet! There are so many amazing things happening right now with my career; I am involved in youtube now…I have my blog, I have my Instagram, as well as clients all the time. I feel like there are so many possibilities and I’m just excited to see where they all go because I know it is only going up.

Q: What are 5 beauty products you can’t live without?

A: Number one is probably lashes because I have no lashes so I wear fake lashes everyday. Except today, sooo sorry! *laughs* [Two] I am obsessed with brow products because that is another thing that I don’t have. I draw my brows on everyday. So brow pencils, anything that has to do with brows, give it to me! [Three] Foundation. I love foundation and the way that it makes your skin glow, if you have the right one! [Four] Highlighter has got to be number one, I don't know why I didn't say that first! It just gives a very youthful look to the skin [and] can make anyone just look radiant and beautiful. And then five, obviously skin care because skin care comes before makeup and is very important to me.


Follow Jade on all her social media platforms here:

Instagram: @jadeywadey180

Youtube: Jadeywadey180

Snapchat: Jademarie123

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