Follower Favorite: Slaycation by @victoria_alv

Slaycation by @victoria_alv

features our Hollywood Glow Pro Vanity Mirror in White with Clear LED bulbs and SlayStation Pro Table Top

MAJOR SLAY ALERT 🚨 @victoria_alv is killing the game with our #SlayStation table top and #ImpressionsVanityGlowXLPro #vanitygoals

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Q: How did you discover Impressions Vanity and what made you pull the trigger on your purchase?

A: I actually discovered Impressions Vanity while looking at mirrors from another company. I started going through tons of reviews and comparisons. In my eyes it was pretty clear that Impressions Vanity was the mirror I would be getting. It was only a couple of weeks later that the SlayStation table top was released. My husband told me to order it the day after it was released.

Q: Since having your vanity mirror, has it changed or made an impact on your daily routine? If so, how?

A: It honestly has made a huge difference in my daily routine! I am a middle school teacher and I have two young sons. One is 3 and the other is 6 months. I am by no means a morning person, but I can say I honestly look forward to getting up and putting my makeup on. It also allows me to see what I have and I can easily try tons of new looks. With my old set up, I used the same palettes every day since they were easiest to grab. That and I'm not adjusting my makeup once I'm in natural lighting.

Q: Has your vanity mirror inspired you for some amazing looks?

A: It definitely has! I am able to really utilize what I have with my set up! I don't just reach for my tried and true! I'm able to experiment and keep all of my makeup in really great rotation. I've really enjoyed creating new looks, and trying out new looks that I've seen some of my favorite beauty bloggers do. I've always been interested in makeup and I'm self taught. My skills have developed even more, and I'm actually teaching my mom some new things; she just learned how to contour!

Q: Where did you get your inspiration from for you decoration?

A: I actually got inspiration for my setup from a few places. My bedroom is white and I have a lot of colorful art. My bedroom furniture is dark, so I wanted my set up area to be bright and white. It still needs some decorating, but it's well on its way. The area I have it in is a pretty large area of our master bedroom. I'm reupholstering a leopard chaise lounger I've had for about 16 years. It will be done in a deep eggplant purple and tufted, so I'm excited to add that to the room near my vanity. I knew I wanted my brushes to be in round glass holders front and center. I also knew I'd need to have my lippies on display; otherwise I'd never be able to choose different ones conveniently.

Q: As a follower favorite everyone wants to know, where are the other pieces from in your vanity setup?

A: As far as my set up goes, I love my SlayStation. I have the Alex 5 drawers from IKEA. My husband bought me matching crystal knob handles (to match the SlayStation) he hasn't put them on yet, but I'm hoping he will in the next day or two. As far as to what's in top/display of my SlayStation. Most of my brushes on top are Sigma. I recently did a huge brush haul - since some of my other brushes were very old. All of my acrylic storage is Alegory, and was purchased off of Amazon. I have each set of Alex drawers set up by product as well. A drawer for blush, two for highlighters, two for eyeshadows and palettes. On the left Alex drawer set is lippies, loose pigments, colourpop eyeshadows, a miscellaneous drawer & perfumes, hair products, and all of my samples.

Q: How would you describe your vanity station and what is means to you?

A: My vanity means a lot to me in the way that it has given me confidence. I've always been quite self-conscious. I have two beautiful sons, and while I love myself; I'm definitely not who I was 10 years ago. I've grown into the woman I am, and I am proud of it. I think my getting older and becoming a mother has made me more beautiful, and my vanity helps me to enhance that beauty.

Q: What is your absolute favorite thing about having an Impressions Vanity?

A: My absolute favorite thing about my vanity is getting to use products that may be new to me or my favorites. I can do my everyday look, or try new looks. It allows me to see everything I have and keep it organized. I genuinely like waking up in the morning and putting on my makeup. Whether it be a full face, or just a hint of lipgloss. It makes me feel like me.


We LOVE seeing our customer photos of their gorgeous setups, we might just say it's our favorite part of the job! Or better yet getting to show off our customer's flawless vanity stations with all of you!  Through this segment we will be bringing you our follower's favorite customer reposts! Giving you all the dets on their vanity station and little bit of inspiration on creating your own glam space! Enjoy! ♥

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