Follower Favorite: Sunset Romance by @yolaniexo

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Sunset Romance by @yolaniexo


features our Hollywood Sunset Vanity Mirror with Clear LED bulbs

Q: How did you discover Impressions Vanity and what made you pull the trigger on your purchase?

A: I discovered Impressions Vanity while scrolling through Instagram. I saw their products and was immediately hooked! I HAD TO HAVE ONE!!! I was torn between the Sunset mirror and the Hollywood Glow Pro the end I chose the Sunset Vanity Mirror because of the centralized lighting. I feel like having the lights in a round shape allows the light to hit my face just the right way. Plus, it's to die for gorgeous! The ordering process was breezy and the customer service was exceptional. I am so happy with my mirror that I even purchased acrylic organizers from them as well because I knew the product would be flawless.

Q: Since having your vanity mirror, has it changed or made an impact on your daily routine? If so, how?

A: ABSOLUTELY!!! The lighting in my bedroom is absolutely terrible so I used to have to go into three different areas with different lighting to make sure my makeup was blended and looked just right. Now that I have my vanity mirror with the LED lights, I only need that one source of lighting to know what looks right. It has saved me time and precious bits of my sanity!!

Q: Has your vanity mirror inspired you for some amazing looks?

A: Of course! The mirror I chose specifically has this old-time glam vibe to it. It's a little different than most, so it fits my personality well! I'm into all things chic, glamorous, and also gory! I like to work in special effects makeup, so the unconventional-ness of the shape draws more inspo than a typical rectangle mirror does.

Q: Where did you get your inspiration from for you decoration?

A: When Kim Kardashian got married (the second time), I was IN LOVE with the flower walls surrounding her and Kanye. I immediately knew that I wanted something like that but never actually did anything about it. It wasn't until I purchased my vanity mirror that I knew my makeup area was where the flower wall needed to go.

Q: As a follower favorite everyone wants to know, where are the other pieces from in your vanity setup?

A: I know that everyone is super keen to see how I made the flower wall. Honestly, it wasn't that difficult. I went around to craft stores in my area and bought fake flowers in the color scheme I was wanting. I bought floral styrofoam and used this thick tape to adhere it to my wall. Then I cut the flowers off the stems and/or out of the bushel with wire cutters and just stuck them into the wall. I recently made a quick tutorial on my Instagram if anyone is interested in learning more about the flower wall. My setup also features two Alex 5 drawers and a Linnmon table top in high gloss white, both from IKEA.

(You can watch Lanie's tutorial on her flower wall here!)

Q: How would you describe your vanity station and what is means to you?

A: I would describe my vanity station as my own little sanctuary. I'm currently pursuing my Masters degree and it can get super stressful at times. Being able to have a little space that is strictly about cosmetics lets me escape from the real world when I'm needing a mental station is an extension of my personality. It was the one area in my home that I had complete control over and I really feel in-touch with myself when I'm sitting at it trying out a new makeup look, or studying for finals.

Q: What is your absolute favorite thing about having an Impressions Vanity?

A: My favorite thing about having an Impressions Vanity has been being able to help other people get the vanity of their dreams. I've had people ask me where it was from and then they went and bought one! Being able to share in the fabulousness of the vanity mirrors is my favorite part. I'm all for spilling secrets about where I got something or how I did something.


We LOVE seeing our customer photos of their gorgeous setups, we might just say it's our favorite part of the job! Or better yet getting to show off our customer's flawless vanity stations with all of you!  Through this segment we will be bringing you our follower's favorite customer reposts! Giving you all the dets on their vanity station and little bit of inspiration on creating your own glam space! Enjoy! ♥

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