Midnight Rosé by @_nikiwilson


features our Hollywood Glow XL Vanity Mirror in Rose Gold with Frosted LED bulbs

Q: How did you discover Impressions Vanity and what made you pull the trigger on your purchase?

A: I initially discovered Impressions Vanity from Jaclyn Hill's snapchat. I was planning out my makeup room and what purchases that I needed to make. I did not plan on buying anything just yet. Then I found a coupon code and was thinking, "why not?!". So, on a whim I placed my order.

Q: Since having your vanity mirror, has it changed or made an impact on your daily routine? If so, how?

A: I never realized just how much until now. I use it constantly, for everything.

Q: Has your vanity mirror inspired you for some amazing looks?

A: Yes. When I am sitting in front of that mirror, I feel fancy. Haha! It makes me want to try new things or step outside of my comfort zone with makeup. I'm a perfectionist; the lights and large mirror are extremely helpful in accuracy. My vanity mirror allows me to create amazing looks that I probably wouldn't with a smaller mirror and poor lighting.

Q: Where did you get your inspiration from for you decoration?

A: I think that I get some inspiration from the beauty community on Youtube, as many do. I loved the look of the sleek, nice, and clean looking setups. Almost everyone has them, and that is because of the look and great amount of storage. Any other decorations, I just picked up what I like.

Q: As a follower favorite everyone wants to know, where are the other pieces from in your vanity setup?

A: The chair is from Hobby Lobby and the decor is from HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby, and Target. Furniture is all from IKEA; Alex 5 drawers, similar Glasholm table (the design I have is no longer available), and Lack wall shelves.

Q: How would you describe your vanity station and what is means to you?

A: It is probably my most prized possession. When we moved, it was the one thing I worried the most about getting damaged. It is where I can go to clear my mind. If I am having a bad day and dealing with anxiety, it allows me a place to go and express myself and to collect my thoughts. It has truly helped me with my anxiety. It is MY space.

Q: What is your absolute favorite thing about having an Impressions Vanity?

A: I love everything about my Impressions Vanity mirror, especially that is it dimmable. I wasn't sure that I would need it to be dimmable, but I am glad that I bought it! I am always adjusting the light, it comes in handy. Overall the mirror is amazing from how it looks to its functionality. It also serves as a great conversation start. My setup is by the front of the house, so it is easily seen when people stop by. Which is great for me since I am a shy person and talking about my setup and makeup is an easy way to get me out of my shell.


We LOVE seeing our customer photos of their gorgeous setups, we might just say it's our favorite part of the job! Or better yet getting to show off our customer's flawless vanity stations with all of you!  Through this segment we will be bringing you our follower's favorite customer reposts! Giving you all the dets on their vanity station and little bit of inspiration on creating your own glam space! Enjoy! ♥

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