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Golden Chic by @glamnca


features our Hollywood Chic XL Vanity Mirror in White with Frosted LED bulbs

Q: How did you discover Impressions Vanity and what made you pull the trigger on your purchase?

A: I discovered Impressions Vanity through Instagram. I had been on the hunt for a vanity mirror and searched tags on Instagram. I then saw someone mention they had gotten their mirror from Impressions Vanity. So I went to their Instagram page and it was exactly what I was looking for. After some thought I finally decided to order from Impressions Vanity but what made me pull the trigger was the price. Impressions Vanity was offering great beautiful vanities at an affordable price.

Q: Since having your vanity mirror, has it changed or made an impact on your daily routine? If so, how?

A: Since I got my vanity mirror it has motivated me to want to do my makeup. The lighting all around is super helpful for seeing colors and having clarity. I can no longer do my makeup without my mirror. It has become a part of my daily routine. My mirror isn't just used to do my makeup. I use it for lighting when working on my laptop and I use it when posting pictures of my makeup because it illuminates just the right amount where as a normal ceiling lighting can't. My Impressions Vanity isn't just for doing makeup for me it helps in a lot that I do.

Q: Has your vanity mirror inspired you for some amazing looks?

A: My Hollywood Chic XL mirror has definitely inspired me to create many looks. Colors look better and brighter making me want to use them more.

Q: Where did you get your inspiration from for you decoration?

A: You can say I got most of my inspiration for my decoration from YouTube. I always knew I wanted to have a big, bright, and white vanity. As almost everyone who knows most Youtubers have the IKEA Alex 5 drawers with the Linnmon table top as a vanity. It really is practical for makeup storage and functionality. I have endless space to lay out all my makeup. Since I had an all-white vanity I knew I wanted an all-white mirror and the Impressions Vanity Hollywood Chic XL was the perfect match to the IKEA drawers and table top. I do have a makeup room and I continued the white theme along with adding touches of gold. Such as little decor pieces and my wall art.

Q: As a follower favorite everyone wants to know, where are the other pieces from in your vanity setup?

A: So in my makeup room my main vanity set up is from IKEA. It is 2 Alex 5 drawers along with the Linnmon table top. My mirror is from of course Impressions Vanity and it is the Hollywood Chic XL. My makeup storage box was a great find at Homegoods. If you don’t know stores like Homegoods are all hit or miss you never know what you will find. (here's a similar one). Most of my knick-knacks and small one of a kind décor pieces I also got from Homegoods and TJ Maxx. I have some letters above my vanity that stand for my initials, I got those at Michael's Craft Store. As décor I have the Z Gallery perfume coin bank. My brush holders are plant pots from IKEA and super cute pencil holders from Target. I like to display my makeup and I think the Ladymoss Lipstick Holder does an amazing job at presenting them.

(Wall decor items from Hobby Lobby; Lip Canvas and Pineapple Wall Frame)

Q: How would you describe your vanity station and what is means to you?

A: I would describe my vanity as chic, spacious, and most of all MINE. I created my vanity so it could work for me. I love the amount of table space I have to work with. I have so much storage space to continue to grow. I picked out everything in my vanity station so it makes me happy to see everything come together and form one big beautiful space.

Q: What is your absolute favorite thing about having an Impressions Vanity?

A: My favorite thing about my Impressions Vanity is that it has really inspired others to start their own vanity station. I am constantly asked where I purchased my mirror, table and décor. My vanity has not only inspired me as a person who enjoys doing makeup but it makes others happy to see it. I guess you can say my favorite thing about my Impressions Vanity is that it leaves everyone impressed.


We LOVE seeing our customer photos of their gorgeous setups, we might just say it's our favorite part of the job! Or better yet getting to show off our customer's flawless vanity stations with all of you!  Through this segment we will be bringing you our follower's favorite customer reposts! Giving you all the dets on their vanity station and little bit of inspiration on creating your own glam space! Enjoy! ♥

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