Create Your Own Boho Chic Glam Room
You live an eclectic lifestyle, a little gone with the wind if you will. You love getting glam'ed up but the classically chic insta-worthy vanity setup is just not for you. While you want your space to truly express your playful spirit, you are in definite need of inspiration. 

Here are 10 items for your glam space that perfectly say "boho chic":

1. Vanity Mirror. Number one on our list, always. This one is can be wall hung or lean against a wall for that perfect laid back boho look. 

2. Vibrant Patterned Pillows. The more pillows the better! Mix and match fun patterns and textures, nothing is off limits. 

3. Hanging Terrariums. Hang a couple of these above your vanity mirror for maximum zen.

4. Rose Quartz Elements. For love, peace, and calming energy. Namaste. 

5.  Faux Animal Head. Pretty sure these are a staple for any boho look, and we love it.

6. Makeup Organizer. Organization is a must no matter the look - this one holds all your necessities all in one place. 

7. Pouf Ottoman. Say pouf without smiling, POUF! These irresistible ottomans are the cutest place to rest your feet.

8. Embossed Jar Candles. Not only do these smell good (amazing actually), they look good too. 

9.  Vanity Chair. A necessity, this chair is super comfy and roomy. Throw a vibrant pillow on it to spice it up.

10. Persian Rug. Lastly, tie your whole boho look together with one of these outstanding statement rugs.

September 11, 2017 by Caitlin Feil
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