A Blogger's Dorm Room Essentials

Summertime sadness has officially sunk in as another school year is upon us. And while we can’t help with your roommate, we can help you achieve killer lighting! Dorm rooms have a reputation of being small…very small. So bringing your at home vanity and even your ring light is out of question. Enter *panic mood*, because frankly it’s the next four (or 5..maybe 6) years of your life, and you can’t depend on just the faint stream of sunlight entering your dorm room. Well, not to fret! We have a solution for you.

Here’s a list of dorm-friendly items that will be sure to fit!

1. Touch Pro LED Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth - Getting ready for your 8am lecture or the frat party Saturday night, this bluetooth activated mirror lets you jam out to your favorite tunes and charge your phone all while having ah-mazing lighting!
2. Desktop LED Vanity Studio Ring Light For the blogger gone college, this ring light fits on your desk and is perfect dorm room size.
3. GlowMe LED Selfie Light - This selfie light clips on to any phone, because a night out is only as good as the selfies you take.
4. Diamond Collection Petite Makeup Organizer - Because you will NOT under any circumstances sacrifice your makeup collection, you NEED every lip kit, palette, and highlighter DUH.


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