6 Reasons to Own a Vanity Mirror (As if you needed any!)

1. Perfect makeup lighting (we can end it here... but we won't).

We've said it and we will say it again, good lighting is makeup's best friend. Having a vanity with good lighting will allow your makeup to look flawless every day of the week! That's the whole point of a vanity mirror, isn't it? Read here for more insight on which bulbs are best for you!

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2. Self-expression (you've GOTTA flaunt it!).

You say you don't have the space. Well news flash you don’t need the perfect space in order to have the perfect vanity! Get creative with the space that you do have. A vanity mirror is just like an accent piece and will be perfect wherever you decide to put it! Once your master piece is finished and you realize you would make one hella amazing interior designer, you will want to share it with everyone! It's like...mandatory. This is what we (or at least our social media profiles) are made for, right?

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3. Excuse to shop more vanity and makeup essentials (because all the way is the only way).

Now that you have your beautiful new vanity setup you must have all your slayssentials to be beautifully organized around it! Think of how organized you could be! The opportunities are endless and you may go a little overboard – and that’s TOTALLY okay! Click here on how to organize your new vanity. And since everyone and their dog has Alex drawers now, definitely check these bad boys out.

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4. Strut your stuff (because who doesn't like staring at makeup).

All of the makeup you impulse bought because the packaging was just too cute to pass up, now has a purpose! Let the Anastasia Contour Book, Tarte Palettes, and Tom Ford Lipsticks bask in all of their glory on your vanity’s table top. Try using some of these to show off those beauties while keeping them organized.

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5. Inspiration to give yourself more "me" time (even better than staring at makeup – adoring our own fabulousness).

Now that you are super organized and have your finest palettes and lipsticks on display, you will begin to use makeup you forgot you had! Hoarder or non-hoarder, impulse buyer or not, you will definitely be inspired to fill those drawers, create new looks, and spend a little more time staring at that beautiful goddess in the mirror staring back at you.

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6. Daily reminder of how beautiful you really are (because life can get too busy, it's easy to forget).

With no regrets you will start to spend a little extra time in front of your vanity mirror. And why shouldn't we? Use this time to appreciate yourself. Under the lighting of an Impressions Vanity mirror, you will be able to create and sculpt the most flawless you and build that confidence! Always remember...makeup or no makeup, you are gorgeous. Just look at that reflection!

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside. -CHANEL #qouteoftheday #brushes

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FeaturedImpressions Vanity Hollywood Glow Plus Vanity Mirror in White + Premium Frosted Dimmable LED Bulbs

What are your reasons? We'd love to know!

September 20, 2016 by Caitlin Feil
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