Recently, Impressions Vanity had the privilege to pair with beauty pioneer and entrepreneur Michelle Phan and her beautiful line, EM Cosmetics.

Michelle Phan started her YouTube makeup tutorial channel in 2006 and quickly became an enormous online success, and she didn't stop there. Michelle branched out to business, starting the iconic and personalized-style company, Ipsy, collecting subscribers by the millions. Most recently, Michelle has launched her makeup line, EM Cosmetics.

This sleek and chic line provides itself on “giving you the tools you need to express yourself”, for all people with different skills and knowledge of makeup. EM Cosmetics carries an array of products, from eyeliners with brush tips to felt tips, to classic and edgy lip colors in both gloss and her signature Infinite Lip Cloud formulation. Her latest addition includes her exciting brow line, Brow ID, which ranges from brow pencils to the Micro-Fluff Brow Creams in thoughtfully-curated shades.

We chomped at the bit to dive a bit deeper and understand the brilliance of this line by asking the beauty guru herself.


Read the full exclusive interview with Michelle Phan below


Impressions Vanity: Em Cosmetics has perfected the lip clouds, lip glosses and eyeliners... what was the deciding factor to take the leap into brows, and to launch a new brow line?  

Michelle: My intention behind EM's new direction is to focus on modern essentials. Products I'd reach for every day, that I can rely on. Brows play a fundamental part in our beauty routine. They can transform the mood of your face. I normally lean on natural looking brows, enhancing what I already have, rather than exaggerating. It's a style that suits me more, and I wanted a product that reflected my philosophy. Livable makeup.


IV: What does Em Cosmetics stand for? This new launch is so exciting, what changes or additions should we be ready for in the near future?

M: EM was inspired by my Vietnamese heritage, EM (pronounced like M) is a term of endearment that you call someone you love, that is younger than you, your little sister or brother. It's like calling someone dear.  When you reverse the letters, EM is a reflection of me. We have a lot of exciting launches coming up in the near future! Stay tuned ;)


IV: Out of all the amazing pieces within the EM Cosmetics line, what would you say is your most loved or signature piece and why?

M: If I had to choose, it would be our newest launch, Micro-Fluff Brow Sculpting Cream. I love watching the reactions of my friends using the product. They tell me how it's the best brow product they've ever used because the tiny brush grabs and lifts every hair and when it dries down it's still soft but holds the hairs in place. We put a lot of love and thought into every product. I'm incredibly proud of our Micro-Fluff Sculpting Brow Cream.


IV: Does the team feel there are any makeup trends this Spring that we should all be watching out for?

M: Early 2000s vibes are coming in, glitter, neon colors and graphic lines. Even though dewy skin has been big in Asia for some time, I'm seeing it make its way here, and I'm all for it!


IV: Our brands go hand in hand and we love it! How do you feel Impressions Vanity items may enhance your customers experience when involved in their routine for getting glam for the day?

M: I've always believed that beauty is part of wellness. That being said, your vanity in a sense is like your temple where everyone has their own meditative form of self-care. Having a vanity is like having a beautiful temple that enhances the overall beauty experience. I'm a believer in having quality lighting for your makeup routine. Your application and blending will look better which reflects your overall finished makeup look.

It is always an absolute pleasure connecting with this makeup mogul and the amazing EM Cosmetics team. We wish them only the best with their new line and in the future.

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